GISAXS School 2012

Joseph Strzalka , APS

Alexander Hexemer, ALS


The ALS user meeting will take place on Monday, October 8 until Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley. We are planning to present scientist and students with a hands-on approach to analyze and interpret GISAXS and GIWAXS data.

More information and REGISTRATION can be found under:

We will have 3 interactive tutorials during the workshop. The software to follow along can be found under:


IgorPro (required for FitGISAXS)


Tuesday, October 9th

Chair                                Alexander Hexemer

13:30-13:45                 Joe Strzalka and Alex Hexemer

                                                 Welcome and Overview

13:45-14:15                  Sunil Sinha           Theory of GISAXS

14:15-14:45                  Zhang Jiang         Theory of GISAXS

14:45-15:15                  Elaine Chan         GISAXS hands-on analysis

15:15-15:30                                      Break

Chair                                Cheng Wang

15:30-16:00                   Eliot Gann            Resonant GISAXS

16:00-16:30                Chris Tassone    GIWAXS overview

16:30-17:00                   Joe Strzalka        GIWAXS hands-on

17:00 -                        Dinner


Wednesday, October 10th

Chair                              Eliot Gann

8:30-9:30                     David Magerl          IsGISAXS

9:30-10:30                   Mathieu Garel        FITGISAXS

10:30-10:45                              Break

Chair                               Joe Strzalka

10:45-11:30                  Slim Chourou           HIPGiSAXS

11:30-12:00               Question and Answer session

12:00-13:00               Lunch

13:00-15:00               GIWAXS experiments at 7.3.3


ALS User meeting 2012